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About the book minder


Mia Heath

Bookbinding was a very happy accident.

Initially I studied illustration but after taking an evening class in bookbinding I was sold.

I began as a trainee in 2013 at DAD Ltd in Glasgow. There, under the invaluable tutorage of John Allison, I learned the fundamentals of trade binding and the more specific skills required for the repair and conservation of books. 

In 2017 I moved on to Ludlow Bookbinders in Shropshire. This led to the launch of The Index Bindery in 2020, where I managed a small bindery and shop. Aside from a thriving repair business I also designed and made the products for Made in Ludlow Ltd in house.

I began my own business, The Book Minder, in 2023 where I could offer the knowledge and skills gained over the years.

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